Tango Study from the View of the Woman's Role 

Giselle Anne & Diana Cruz 

A(other) look into the Structure,Technique and Rhythm of the Dance,

the Lead and the Follow, from the follower's perspective.

These classes are NOT

  • Women's Technique Classes (although there will naturally be technique involved);

  • Leading Technique for Ladies Classes (although one of us will be leading and the other following, so that tango can take place 😉)

  • Leading Focused Classes (although there will be leading happening. Women and Men who lead are welcome!!); 

  • Embellishment/Decorations Classes (although these are built in the technicality of the dance)

  • Women Only Classes (despite of the fact that we, two women, are teaching it 💃💃) 

  • Beginners Classes for Women who want to learn to lead.


The classes are Tango Structure, Technique and Rhythm, viewed/analyzed/studied from the perspective of role of the Woman/"Follower". The "leader" AND the "follower", both understanding what is going on in the underlying grammar of the language that BOTH roles speak!!

Come and check it out!


NOTE: Classes are designed for dancers of BOTH roles, single and/or couples

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